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"As a first time traveller to India, I can honestly say that as a mature woman, travelling alone, I was terrified.  However, I was not going to let that stop me from the experience of a lifetime! Gokulan looked after me, and more than 20 other Australians, thought of our every need in advance and we all enjoyed the friendly hospitality of South India very much. Can't wait to go back!"
- Martine Valentine, Sydney.
"Southern India to me was particularly amazing as I was able to meet locals, eat traditional food and see a culture that is off the tourist radar."
- Dan Bolwell, Penny-farthing Builder, Melbourne.
"Chennai is the first destination I travelled to on a plane, outside Australia, in my life. Many things were obviously different, like culture, food choices, bathrooms, and of course the language. What I've found interesting is that by letting go of all my expectations about India, and just smiled, only then I immersed myself in the events I attended, shops I went in, streets I walked through, and random strangers who I started 'small talk' with. My holiday was one of gratitude, connection and awareness. Thanks to Gokulan and his other Indian friends for looking out for me when I needed an interpreter, and for making my experience that much more understandable and adventurous."
- John Lee, Age 31, Admin Manager, Sydney.
"We had a wonderful experience on our day tour to Sydney temples. We wish to recommend the service to others who want a hassle free tour experience in Sydney. "
- Manisa Madhavan