Work + Life: Balancing It With Travel

When I was working for a multi-national IT giant, the one thing we talk about very often is the concept of work-life balance. Most of the time it is an illusion. Considering my past and the upbringing, I always believed that I born to work and pay the bills. I thought there is no other way out and traveling or touring was never in scope, until I reached Australia and inspired by the people who took on travelling.

Long story short, now I realized the value and the benefits of travel, I designed a 'weekend only' tour package exclusively for people who works 5 days a week and work long hours. Below snapshots are my presentation to an employer and requesting employers to provide travel package as an employee benefits.

If you are an employer or a team leader or an employee, and you believe that encouraging someone to take on travel would benefit, please do get in touch with our Travel Experience Designer via email or via phone +61 420 483 044.  I'm sure our collaboration will bring some insights. 

If you are interested in any of our package, you can make an online booking using this link: and click on the tab 'Executive Packages'.